Employees are 60% more likely to disclose a disability to their supervisor than to HR. Unfortunately, many supervisors are unprepared to have these conversations. The Just-in-Time Toolkit is designed to address this gap and ensure that your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion is communicated appropriately and effectively to managers and supervisors.

If you need your managers and supervisors to support your efforts to increase disability diversity, consider our program, Leading in an Inclusive Workforce: The Just-in-Time Toolkit. The Just-in-Time Toolkit Program offers intensive consulting aimed at developing an implementation plan within your organization and a Toolkit customized to your organization to engage your face-to-face leaders (managers and supervisors) in developing effective and legally compliant management practices for employees with disabilities. Upon implementation of the toolkit, your managers can access your customized Toolkit any time they have a question or concern about disability issues.

Infographic: 60% more likely to disclose their disability to their supervisor


The Toolkit consists of ten modules that can each be used in five minutes or less. While these are based on real-life work situations that managers have reported they encountered, they include specific information unique to your organization.

Diverse group of workers

Disability is diversity:

The case for disability inclusiveness

Colleagues talking

Effective accommodation discussions:

The 3 P's: Performance,
productivity and preventing turnover

Person in wheelchair working at desk

Disability in the workplace:

What's true and what's not true

Woman talking with a man in wheelchair

Finding an effective Accommodation:

What works and what doesn't?

Bar graph rising and falling and then going up

When a performance issue
might be due to a disability:

Addressing the situation

A diverse of workers stakcing hands atop one another

An employee might have a
psychiatric disability or addiction disorder:

Thinking it through

A radio broadcaster microphone

Let's talk:

Interacting with employees who have disabilities

A man in a maze

Disability resources for managers:

You're not alone

A view from above of a diverse group of people in a crowd looking up

About hiring:

The many faces of talent

A sign witha picture of an ear saying listen

An employee just told me
about a disability:

What do I do now?

Icon for In-Person Workshop

Consultation on implementation strategy

Consultation is designed to support message development for a disability inclusive workplace and the Just-in-Time Toolkit and provides assistance for planning an effective dissemination strategy for your company's toolkit.

Icon for Customization

Customization of the Online Just-in-Time Toolkit

All ten tools are customized through a collaborative process to reflect the unique disability policies, processes, and resources for your organization. You will be provided your own link to access your organization's customized Toolkit.

Icon for Two-year Unlimited Access

Two-year unlimited access

Anyone in your organization will have two years of unlimited access to the Just-in-Time Toolkit. Throughout this time, the Toolkit will be updated to reflect emerging legal, policy and business trends. You will also have access to an easy to use site usage report via an online portal.

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Getting Started

For a quote or to find out more, contact:
The K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute
on Employment and Disability



*Nishi, L., & Bruyère, S. (2014). Research Brief: Inside the workplace: Case studies of factors influencing engagement of people with disabilities. Brief summarizing research presented at the Innovative Research on Employer Practices: Improving Employment for People with Disabilities State of the Science Conference, Washington DC, October 2013. This brief and other Cornell University Employer Practices Related to Employment Outcomes Among Individuals with Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Training Center related research and resources information is available from employerpracticesrrtc.org/resources.