Cornell’s Just-in-Time Toolkit for Managers helps your organization develop a culture for people to feel safe identifying their disability to managers, allowing all employees to have the potential to fully contribute to your organization’s goals.

Frontline managers and supervisors, not just HR, are critical in supporting your organization’s disability diversity efforts. Cornell betters these efforts through:


Direct consultation and training from leading Cornell disability experts to support message development, implement planning and execute strategy.


Customizable strategy created through a collaborative process, tailored to fit your organization’s policies and practices.


Ten online tools adapted to your organizational needs, providing practical solutions your frontline managers can apply in 5 minutes or less.

Many supervisors are unprepared to have conversations with employees regarding disability disclosure as HR departments are the assumed point-of-contact regarding these types of sensitive discussions. Designed to address these knowledge gaps between HR and frontline supervisors, the Just-in-Time Toolkit offers customized solutions aimed at developing a plan within your organization to engage frontline leaders in nurturing effective and compliant disability focused management practices.


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